Different Bathroom Types for Any Home

There are different types of bathroom that fits depending on your home. There are different factors to consider when choosing the right type of bathroom for your house – the budget, available space, function and capacity.

For instance, a full bathroom works fine in a home with 3 members but can’t accommodate 6-person family well. When you are constructing or renovating a bathroom, it is important that you get the right type to make the most of your budget. Here are the 5 different bathroom types and their features.

Full Bathroom

A full bathroom has all the complete features – bathtub, shower, toilet and sink. It is common among almost any home to have at least 1 full bathroom. It has all the complete functions of a bathroom, making it a versatile choice if you only want to have one bathroom in your home. It all matters in the layout on how it would fit the available floor space in your home.

Three-Quarter Bathroom

Unlike the full bathroom, a three-quarter bathroom only has a toilet, sink and either a shower or bathtub. Most homeowners replace their bathtub with a separate shower instead when remodelling, especially when they want to increase the usable space in their bathroom. However, if you have much free space, having a bathtub instead makes your bathroom more relaxing than just a shower. Check this collection of stylish and quality bathtubs perfect for every home at bathtubs.com.au.

Half Bathroom

Half bathrooms only have a toilet and a sink. It is also called as a guest bathroom or powder room since visitors can use this to wash up or go to the toilet without going deeper into the house. Aside from that, full bathrooms contain personal things which don’t need to be seen by visitors. Half bathrooms don’t need much space unlike full or three-quarter bathrooms, making them a great add-on to every home.

Quarter Bathroom

A quarter bathroom is just a small space that contains either a shower or a toilet. It is called a utility shower or utility toilet depending on which one is installed in it. Usually, this type of bathroom can be found on basements or at the back of the home. Its main purpose is to provide a convenient shower or toilet for anyone working outside the house – whether it is the homeowner or a handyman.

Master Bathroom

Also called as an attached bathroom, this type is the bathroom that is located inside the master’s bedroom of a home. It could either be a full or three-quarter bathroom depending on the space available inside the room. Its main purpose is to provide a convenient and more private bathroom for those sleeping in the master’s bedroom, especially at night. Typically, it is not open to guests and other people since you wouldn’t want them to go inside your bedroom.

Choosing the right bathroom for your home is important. Aside from its functionality, the right bathroom also adds value to your home. Check all the factors first before choosing the type of bathroom you’d build in your home.


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