How Solar Power Could Decrease Your Heating Expenses

Every month when the electric bill comes, we are scared to see those figures especially if we know that we are way beyond our budget. This happens when we keep the air conditioning running almost all day because of the hot weather or the heater is on at all times because it’s cold and we need warm water to wash the dishes and for our hygiene.

Fortunately, with the demand for solar power, the installation and the materials used have become more affordable and with this, the heating expenses for most residential homes lowered.

Solar Power System Keeps Home Warm

Others think a solar power system on top of their roof would keep the whole house hot, even during summer. But in reality, solar panels block the sunlight that hits your roof, making your home naturally cool. During summer, you only need to turn on your air conditioning for a few hours and use a fan instead since your roof is not absorbing the sunlight’s heat.

When winter comes, you might then think that your heating expenses would rise because your roof is not getting the sunlight’s warmth because of the solar panels. On the contrary, solar panels are actually keeping the heat and warmth inside your home during the colder season and at night. You would not need to worry if your home is toasty enough so you, your partner and your kids would not have colds and flu which is common during winter.

Solar Power System Heats Water

There are numerous benefits to having a solar hot water system. You would have hot water when you need it, not only during the winter months because you are not worried about the energy bills. Heating your water is included in all the benefits you’d be reaping once you have the solar panels installed. You would not need to pay more for hot water since your electricity bill is lessened with the solar panels.

In addition, your carbon footprint is lowered, even if you or your family members preferred to take hot showers and hot baths since you are heating your water via a renewable source of energy. It might be a surprise to some that there are places in the world where water heating system is considered to be the third cause of high electricity bills after cooling and heating. So, when you have decided to install solar panels, you are not only saving money on hot water system, you are also saving money on air conditioning during summer and heaters during winter.

If that are not reasons enough for you to make the wise decision to convert to solar power, most governments encourage their citizens by giving rebates or grants and in other cases, interest free loans to make the installation expenses and cost of materials more affordable. This might not even be necessary in some cases since the demand for solar panels have made the production significantly cheaper. And in the long run, these panels are worthy investments because of the payment for bills you would be able to save.


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