Painting Your House: Things To Know

A house without paint is incomplete, just a shell made of cement and brick. Paint makes a space bright and colourful, it makes a house feel like a home. Therefore paint is important but you cannot just paint a wall and call it a day. There is so much more thought that needs to go into it. So here are the things you need to know when it comes to painting your house.

Think About The Architecture

Your home is more than a building. It has a story to tell. And you should make sure the paint reflects that. Pay attention to the architecture of your home. Is it modern or one that is historical? If it is the former you have more room to play around with colours but for the latter they to make the colours you pick historically accurate. This not just applies to the interior paint but also the exterior. Try to pick colours that were traditionally used for your kind of house. A Victorian style house would look very out of place with fuchsia paint. Instead you can opt for colours that are usually used for such houses. Try soft yellows, baby blues, berry shades, beige or even a warm terracotta red. For interior do the same  choose colours that are true to the style of the home.

You Can Create Interesting Patterns

People tend to assume that if you want patterns in your home you would need to pay a lot of money and buy wallpaper. But the truth is if you hire professional painters in Hervey Bay you can get the same effect and even more with just paint. There is something so real and authentic about actual paintwork on walls. While wallpapers are easy to use, paint is just so much more charming. There is a sense of intimacy with paint because you know that someone did that. A person put the effort to make it. Moreover it is unique as exactly similar paintwork cannot be reproduced. This is in stark difference to the mass manufacturing involved in creating wallpapers.

Always Go For Stain-Resistant Paint

It might be more costly than regular paint but in the long term, stain resistant paint is not only cheaper but also much easier to maintain than regular paint. Especially in a home with children where it is likely that walls will suffer a pretty severe beating, having stain proof paint can be a lifesaver. When a wall gets stained it can be very difficult to make it clean again. You might end up damaging the wall or requiring a new paint job. Either way it can be exhausting to maintain. However with stain resistant paint you can just wipe off the stain and the wall will be good as new.

In the end when it comes to paint, you just need to go at it with your heart. The one who lives in the home is you. So select the colours that being a comfort to your soul and let your imagination run wild.

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